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Dreyfus is one of the industry's leading institutional managers of money market mutual funds. With a strong client-focused culture, Dreyfus aims for seamless delivery of high-quality cash management solutions and outstanding client service. Adherence to the highest industry standards drives our goal to consistently build a solid foundation with our investment partners in the institutional marketplace.

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  • 13 money market funds.
  • A full range of pricing options with multiple share classes available within each fund.1
  • Our parent company is BNY Mellon.
  • Dreyfus is a tenured liquidity manager leveraging a tested, consistent investment process with integrated risk management that stays within the intentions jackpotjoy slots of SEC Rule 2a-7 with a goal of providing safety, liquidity and yield.

Three Classifications of Money Market Funds:

  • jackpotjoy slots transact at a floating, market-based NAV (FNAV). This classification is subject to fees and/or gate structures.
  • Government/Treasury Money Market Funds transact at a constant net asset value (CNAV), and the funds must invest at least 99.5% of the fund’s assets in cash, government securities or repurchase agreements that are fully collateralized. This classification is excluded from fee/gate structures.
  • Retail Prime/Municipal Money Market Funds transact at a constant net asset value (CNAV) with the funds having “policies and procedures reasonably designed to limit all beneficial owners of the fund to ‘natural persons.’” This classification is subject to fees and/or gate structures.

Dreyfus Money Market Funds are available in all Major Asset Categories

  • Prime
  • Municipal & State Specific
  • Government & Repurchase Agreements
  • Government Only
  • Treasury & Repurchase Agreements
  • 100% Treasury

How We Do It:

  • Dreyfus draws on the expertise of our seasoned investment professionals who use an interactive, team-based decision-making approach.
  • The portfolio management team, along with a dedicated credit research staff, evaluate credits seeking to maintain portfolio safety, liquidity and consumer confidence while striving to deliver sound results in various market cycles.
  • Investment decisions are derived from current and anticipated market conditions. Securities are then selected that meet Dreyfus’ high credit quality standards.
  • jackpotjoy casino A key tenet of Dreyfus’ risk management hierarchy is a selective and discriminating approach in identifying each element of risk specific to money market mutual funds.
  • Portfolios are structured within the confines of Rule 2a-7.2



1The funds may have multiple share classes that have different expense structures and achieve different results. You should discuss with your financial professional the eligibility requirements for share classes and the historical results achieved by the fund's respective share classes.

2Rule 2a-7, promulgated under the Investment Company Act of 1940, regulates how all U.S. money market mutual funds are managed.